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Marika Malin
LCF Life Coach®

I will help you build a life of your own



Why? Just because you can have it all!

I speak from experience. I have built a life that suits me and looks like me.

I have my own unique and distinctive way of coaching. With an unyielding, courageous and confidential coaching style, I want to help you get everything possible from this life.

I want you to become a winner - the leader of your own life.

Unyieldingness and tenacity have been the red threads of my own life. During my challenging childhood and youth, I learned to trust only myself and later also to ask for help. Through education and personal growth,

I have dared to follow my dreams.

In my coaching I use cognitive behavioral science, solution orientation, positive psychology and my own life experience. My job is to help you find your own keys to leadership in your life, not to please you.

I don't always take myself or life very seriously, but my work for others is definitely serious business! 

I'm always looking for ways to improve every aspect of my coaching practices.

Now I'm doing what I love to do, with the people I love. I see no limits or obstacles, and I believe that I can

be who I want (to be) and - within reasonable limits - do what I want (to do).

In 2004, I moved to Holland, where I didn't know anyone. I wanted to fulfill my dream of living in another country. I stated that "those planes also fly in the other direction" to the doubting people. I started my life over. I had simple jobs, I learned the language. Although sometimes I felt like I couldn't do it - I found the guts and moved on. During the recession I started a new career in cosmetics and had to step outside my comfort zone.

I challenged myself again and again, and finally got what I wanted. Or almost, because I got even more.

With hard work and perseverance I had broken the country record, which took me on an unforgettable journey. Later, when I was leading my team, which had already grown to a team of 80 people, I enjoyed seeing my team members succeed and thrive in their work. The best thing during this time was to train people to surpass themselves and find their own potential.

I decided to educate myself more so that I can be for you - your life coach.

What others say about me:

"You are wonderful and brave. Your energy speaks of determination, trust, courage and joy.

You remind us wonderfully with your own actions that anything is possible."


"You are a unique and memorable person. Deep wisdom and experience live in you and radiate from your being. Your ability to be yourself is very inspiring and empowering. You see people's deepest challenges

behind the jingle of words and know how to tackle exactly the right things."


"Marika was created when we wanted to show the world what bubbly, sprinkling joy is like!

Your sense of humor is striking, just in time and lively. The laughter and joy you create around you takes you with you. If you were a drink, you would be the best quality, nicely sprinkling, wonderfully popping champagne!”

”You are a wonderful person! A person you don't want to give up when you find one.

You are a true Superwoman."


"Lovely Finnish bubbly energetic woman who really wants to be present in her own life in a positive way and through this she is also able to inspire and support other people."



Want to organise a fun and relaxing event for your friends or community?

How about a Vison board to represent and manifest your goals, dreams, and desires?

We can also practice "unlocking the love magnet" or even make a “trip to the junkyard” in your imagination.


Traditional relaxation and presence exercises are also very popular.

The coaching is built according to your specific needs and wishes.


Ask for an offer!

Rajojen pitäminen on haastavaa monille ihmisille.

Rajat ovat olennainen osa terveitä ihmissuhteita ja henkistä hyvinvointia.

Ne määrittelevät sen, missä menee linja sallitun ja ei-sallitun välillä, ja niiden asettaminen voi olla ratkaisevan tärkeää omalle itsenäisyydelle ja itsearvostukselle.

Valitettavasti monet meistä kamppailevat rajojen asettamisen ja ylläpitämisen kanssa, mikä voi johtaa epäterveisiin suhteisiin ja henkiseen kuormitukseen.


Tilaa uutiskirje

Kiitos tilauksesta!


"Marika's coaching gave me new perspectives and ways of looking at my life after burn-out. Marika helped me realise that I have the answer to my challenges if I just ask the right questions and stop to listen to the answers. Small insights and changes can make big things happen."

- Suvi Rusi -

Ota yhteyttä


Thank you for your mesage!

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